About Us

Tea Tradition is a tea shop for everyone who has been related to tea in any possible manner. Cutting Chai or Kulhad chai or in the large mug, we serve it all. We're part of Tea Tradition Hospitality Services Pvt Limited. We source our tea leaves from the finest of tea gardens. They and the many plantation workers have truly made us who we are today and we're glad to be a part of their lives.


We are famously known as TT, we strive to provide the best experience to our guests. We opened the first one on July 2014 in Raja Park in Jaipur and continue to be one of the most happening places in the city with our latest one opening in C-Scheme, Manipal University (Jaipur Campus) and Noida Sec-18. A traditional, simple space that they could relate to, sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings, interviews or even have a lot of good fun, all over hot piping cup of tea.